B2B Meetings Via Webinar

Let's meet your client digitally

Marcom Media Solution offers a customized B2B meetings solution via webinars. The webinar will be prepared based on your focused industries.  Any organization can take advantage to reach the target audience.

How it will work?
  • We will arrange a webinar as per your schedule.

  • In this webinar we will invite 50 viewers based on your products

  • We will use our resources / database to find the audience

  • The time of each webinar will be 2-3 hours

  • We will use our digital marketing tools to promote webinar

  • You need to create a presentation of your products that can make webinars more engaging.

  • All techniques for webinars will be managed by us

  • The software will enable you to show your presentation along with the speech, the customer can ask you questions directly

  • We will provide contact details for all attendees after the end of the webinar.

  • Connect with your target audience at once

  • Direct communication with decision-makers

  • Get contact details of all attendees

  • Showcase your presentation and talk about your product over a large period of time

  • Resolve on spot queries Related to Your Products

  • No hidden costs

  • Free product promotion through digital marketing tools


Each webinar costs INR 35,000/- + 18% GST will be charged at the time of booking. All the arrangements will be managed by Marcom Media Solution.

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