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An exhibition has the power to:
  • bring your most active prospects and customers to you

  • harnesses all five senses to drive home your messages

  • create a deep vertical interaction with the product

  • drive business to other sales channels – e.g. online and retail

  • provide opportunity to meet more interested buyers than any other sales activity

  • to build business relationships and generate leads

  • emotionally connect with customers.


Count on us to work out the finest details for your exhibition events, and training program. From staging, special tenting, seating and decor, our event consultants will work with
your staff to craft the image that you want: be it a grand affair or a carnival atmosphere.

To make our services complete, we can even source out special event items like catering, videography, commemorative plaques, exhibition banner, and partitions.

With more than 2 years of experience in ensuring success for all your important occasions, your satisfaction is our best form of recognition. ​

Your expert partners, creating innovative solutions and delivering exceptional results for extraordinary brands;

Customer Experience | Creativity | Collaboration

Our Operations Teams play a key role in bringing our events to life – they plan all the logistics, design the floor layouts and manage our contractors relationships including stand building, security and health and safety.


It's our main Operations team that deals with contractors, health and safety, and the design of the layouts of our events.

As part of this team, you'll play a key part in physically putting together our industry-leading shows. 


This is the team who are dedicated to individual shows and portfolios and so play a vital role in our department.

You'll provide general project support across these show teams. 



Based out in India, this team provides all of the first line customer service for our customers across all of our shows.

You'll ensure our customers are aware of the information they need to provide us to fulfil their sponsorship.




Our floor planning team are essential for ensuring the floor plans for all of our shows are up to date. 

While our Smart Space team are the ones who build bespoke stands for some of the customers at our shows. 


Working with our external partners, we build the infrastructure to support all on-site activity in relation to the delivery of the show.  As a team we pride ourselves on achievement of deadlines, compliance with Health & Safety regulations and supporting revenue growth, whilst working closely with the show teams to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction.

We look for individuals who demonstrate initiative, an inquisitive mind, an obsession with making things better and a passion for solving puzzles. In addition, you should have the humility to laugh at yourself, a willingness to ask for help when you need it, and the ability to deal (healthily) with multiple projects, tight deadlines and demanding partners.

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